Authors: Conrad Bessant, Ian Shadforth, Darren Oakley

I found this book really helpful during my MSc assignments, group project and thesis project. It gives a nice informative introduction for each tool then works through towards developing advanced bioinformatics applications.

This book presents a well-written and complete overview of bioinformatics software development using Perl, R and MySQL.

The book is divided into 5 chapters. The first chapter begins with an interesting introduction on various bioinformatics resources and applications. This is followed by useful and descriptive chapters on MySQL, Perl, R and web programming.

A highlight of the book is it’s well-structured layout. For each chapter, there is easy introduction followed by concise explanations to developing advanced bioinformatics applications and well commented examples of code plus accompanying online resources on it’s website.

As this book is titled “Building Bioinformatics Solutions: with Perl, R and MySQL”, and it does cover its ground very well, plus there is no assumtion of prior knowledge on software development – hence, it is also suitable for those with minimal programming experience.

In conclusion, this book is a very valuable resource for software development in bioinformatics, both for those that are already working in this domain and for those desiring to do so. It is also appropriate as a general introduction into the area of bioinformatics for interested and literate non-specialists.

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Oxford biology
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